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Announcing NCA’s NEW Learning Management System NCA iLearn

We are very excited to announce the launch of a brand new learning management system (LMS), NCA iLearn.

With changes to our external environments over the last two years, NCA has strategically reviewed our qualifications, learning systems, and training delivery to ensure we provided as much support to ALL our students at NCA.

The most significant change made to our LMS system is that our new NCA iLearn has changed back to a single-unit study mode instead of our previous delivery mode that worked with a cluster model (Skills group) approach to training.

The impacts on our external landscapes, especially in the Aged Care sector during both lockdowns of the COVID-19 pandemic and the knock-on effect of the workplace restrictions working on multiple units that were restricted to the workplace, cause significant delays for our students.

NCA spent the last 12 months redesigning our qualifications with NEW learning materials, self-paced online interactive activities and simulation Centres to help students through performance assessment conditions, especially in restricted and lockdown environments.

All assessments align to meet the new TAE Training and Education Training Package Implementation Guide obligations. Hence, these changes will allow our qualifications to be streamlined and easier to access and allow students to complete within their course duration. Our sole aim is to increase the quality of our learning materials and effectively deliver vocational competency in training and assessment.

Our old LMS NCA Point is currently being phased out as NCA transitions all the students to our new user-friendly learning platform, iLearn. The new platform will also enhance the learning journey by providing a user-friendly and straightforward environment equipped with various engaging online tools, videos and resources aligned to the industry standards recommended by the regulator, ASQA.

Through the system, the students will also have access to a range of online interaction points such as forums and live chat with our Online Learning Advisor to scaffold their learning journey.


The policies, procedures, and instructions have been built online with easy access to handy tools such as their online induction or Work Placement Modules on students’ dashboards.

The full release of the new LMS will add value to the College such as:

  • The new learning and assessment resources are simple to use and aligned with the industry standards.
  • The new model will eliminate the challenges we are currently facing for processing credit transfer and RPL at a Skills Group level using the superseded skill group approach
  • The progression reports in the student management system will be more accurate and can support greater visibility for supporting students in a one-to-many approach.
  • The Trainer Assessor dashboard and marking functionalities will be significantly streamlined and the current system issues/ risks with processing multiple attempts on a given assessment piece will be fully rectified
  • Processing enrolments and results will be further streamlined, and; 
  • Admins will have full visibility over the training and assessment resources and students’ submissions using a single URL for backend (Admin access) and frontend (student access), 


Important dates:

We have advised the students to complete any skills group assessments by 11 Feb 2022.

Have a lovely day!

Sharon Carrasco | Principal Executive Officer