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Kate received a recognised qualification as recognition for years of service

Kate's story
Kate joined the NCA community when she felt she had to have a qualification in recognition of the years of experience she had working as a personal care worker.

Kate had left school at the age of 15 many years ago and after doing a stint in retail until her mid-twenties, she found herself working in home care. “It was a very different world back then” she recalls, “many people didn’t even know about home care and I just happened to find a job through a friend. I didn’t even know what ‘home care’ meant but once I started doing it, I found that I really enjoyed looking after people in their homes, The flexibility was great because it meant I could choose my own working hours and I wasn’t stuck in one place all day every day, I got to drive around and work with different clients every day”.

Once Kate’s employer proposed a change to the company structure, Kate felt that without a formal qualification, she may be ‘left behind’ so “I started to look around to see how I could get some formal training. I had the experience but I didn’t have the qualification. I looked around for a few weeks and came across National College. They were the only ones who could answer all my questions and they got back to me quicker than anyone else. They just sounded different to the others I spoke to, I wanted to do a Diploma course but they said I should start with a lower level. I now see why it was so important that they put me into the right course, if I chose a different one, I might not have finished it”.

After completing the CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support (Home and Community), Kate now has a formal qualification in recognition of all her years of experience. We’re hoping she will come back to pursue all the pathway options available after this course.

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