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Students given an incredible start to a career


Sixteen year old Shanalee Mansell took on a school-based traineeship in Aged Care last year and look where it got her!

She is one of three finalists in the 2015 ATSI Student Of The Year category for Central Queensland’s Training Awards!

This is a wonderful achievement for the Year 11 student from Mount Morgan State High School.

Shana was shortlisted for the award due to the effort and commitment she brings on a day to day basis to her Certificate III in Aged Care Traineeship. She commenced the traineeship soon after completing a short Aged Care work experience stint in Year 10.

The traineeship provides on-the-job training and supervision with Carinity Aged Care – John Cani combined with study, book work and assessment of core competencies through National College Australia. She will complete the Certificate III as part of her senior studies program at school.

“It seemed like a big thing to do at the time, but this traineeship is a great stepping stone for my future as a nurse – and it’s lots of fun! When I spotted the traineeship opportunity, I grabbed it.”


“I think the judging panel could see that I love helping elderly people do things they can’t do for themselves. I enjoy seeing the residents smile when they see me. They always tell me I make their day – it just melts my heart.”

Shana highly recommends school-based traineeships to other students also.

“Even if you’re not sure what you want to do, you should give something like this a go. You’ll soon find out whether you like it or not,” Shana advises.

Senior Head of Department at Mount Morgan SHS Ms Kylie Stanger says that she is not at all surprised that Shanalee is one of the finalists for the prestigious State award. “Shanalee is definitely deserving of it here at school – and the feedback I’ve received from her traineeship has been very positive!”

Proving that that her heart is indeed in the right place, and that she is the perfect candidate for the award, Shana volunteered her spare time to help out at the aged care centre after a recent cyclone.

Are traineeships right for you?

Ms Stanger says that school based traineeships are great for high school students wishing to pursue vocational studies and get a head start in the workforce. Traineeships are available in several vocational fields.

Shanalee MansellSchool to Jobs (S2J) provides additional support to Year 12 students and school leavers who are finishing their training post school. Run by Queensland Department of Education and Training, S2J assists students through a Semester 25 and 26 program to complete their traineeship and connect them with employers.

Coordinator of CQ S2J Alliance Julie Merry says that their role is to assist young people with moving into the workforce or further their training/education. “Year 12 graduates and early school leavers are contacted by the S2J team to determine their transition pathway post-school. We offer support through job preparation courses, work experience programs and further training. We provide referrals to training and employment in our area to assist them reach their employment/training goals.”

Shanalee Mansell’s recognition as finalist for 2015 ATSI Student of the Year shows that young people are more committed than ever to their careers. Her field of study also busts the myth that young people aren’t interested in careers in Aged and Disability Care. According to S2J Alliance, twenty two students across nine schools in Central Queensland have been given an incredible start to a career in Health and Aged Care Services through courses with National College Australia.

For further information about school based traineeships, contact your school guidance counselor. Consider a traineeship qualification through National College Australia.

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