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The Disability Sector – explore the job opportunities in a fast growing sector!

The first Australian DisabilityRicardo's Story Workforce Report has just been released by the National Disability Services. The report shows how fast the disability sector is growing with more jobs becoming available. Not only are new jobs popping up, employers are experimenting with different work arrangements that suit people’s lives, so the opportunities are fantastic for people looking to get into the sector or those already in it looking to upskill.

At NCA, the Certificate IV in Disability (CHC43115) is one of our top selling courses. If you’re in NSW, you’re probably entitled to government support but if you’re not, our affordable payment plans will help you get a qualification that could change your life.

“I got a job as a cleaner in a disability support organisation when I came out of high school”, says Jason, “it was meant to be something to bring in cash before I went backpacking to Europe and Asia but I thought I’d do a free course at the time and 12 years later, I’m still here. I’ve worked up to a Case Coordinator position and can’t believe how my life has turned out”.


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