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Work Placement at National College Australia

A structured work placement program to give you the opportunity to apply what you learn in the real world.

What is placement and why it’s required

When you enrol in a nationally recognised qualification, you have to provide evidence that you can perform the skills required to do the job. This evidence has to come from a workplace where you have spent time practising the skills and can fulfil the assessment requirements.

Who needs to do placement

Anyone who isn’t already working in the job role. This includes people who might be working in the industry but are not working in the job role designed for this qualification. If this is you, you will need to complete the minimum number of placement hours that each individual course requires.

How to find a host employer

It’s best to start looking for a host employer shortly after you start the course so you have enough time to secure a placement and can be ready to start when the time comes for the first block. We’ll give you some guidance about when and how to approach employers and, if you cannot find a host, a dedicated Work Placement Coordinator will step in to help you out.

How it works

Placement is done in more than one block to give you the chance to practice what you learn over time. A Work Placement Coordinator will take care of the logistics and ensure you’re ready to start placement.

Please note that some organisations may request a police clearance check before you’re able to start work placement. You’ll need to organise the police check yourself.

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