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Studying in an online world – how to pace ‘self-paced learning’

At NCA we call our online learning program ‘self-paced learning’, but what does this really mean? Self-paced means you work through the material at your own pace but it doesn’t mean you’ve got forever to do it. Think of assignments at school or uni, you get to do them outside of the classroom in your own time and space but you have to submit them by a certain date. At NCA, it’s the same thing.

Sounds easy right? But we know it’s not…We know studying as an adult is a big feat that  can be overwhelming at times so our advice to all our students is the double ‘P’ word – Plan & Prepare.

We know that students who study in regular shorter periods get through their course on time. Here are some simple tips that can help you get there:

Get in the right headspace: make it your mission and make success non-negotiable

Diarise your assessment dates and book reminders so you get an alert ahead of time

Choose the best day & time each week as your study time. If you had to attend classes, you would go so pretend you’re attending classes in your own home. Be there, be on time and do the work.

Turn your phone off and stay away from social media

Make sure your partner, kids, friends know that your study time is ‘non-negotiable’ and resist all temptations to change or postpone it

If you lapse a week or so, don’t let it de-motivate you, just get back on track as soon as you can

Stay in touch with your Assessor – let him/her what’s going on and give them a heads up of anything coming up that could delay your assessments a little

Put it all into perspective, especially on days when it might just get too hard…it’s only a short period out of your life. Short term work for long term gain.

We know you can do it.

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