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Taking Extra Time – Why It’s Ok to Go at Your Own Pace

Aug 23, 2016 National College Life
There are a variety of disabilities that can slow a person’s capability to perform day-to-day tasks. As well as causing difficulties in everyday life, this can be quite frustrating to experience, dramatically affecting a person’s self-esteem. Physical...

Independent Living: Teaching people with developmental disorders how to live on their own

Aug 14, 2016 National College Life
Those with developmental disorders can find certain life skills particularly challenging. Often people who struggle with day-to-day activities can also be prone to becoming frustrated or have mental health issues due to feelings of despair and helplessness....

Understanding the Autism Spectrum

Aug 8, 2016 National College Life
What is Autism? Autism is a lifelong developmental condition that affects the way an individual understands and interacts with his or her environment. What is the Spectrum? The autism spectrum is not linear, but rather a spectrum...

Grieving and Loss – Tips for Caring for Someone Who Has Lost a Loved One

Jul 3, 2016 National College Life
Grieving is a universal emotion which most people have experienced in some point of their lives. Elderly people may find themselves dealing with grief and loss more over the years as they begin to lose those close...

Opening minds to mental health

Oct 14, 2015 National College Life
We're in the middle of Mental Health Month here in Australia. To show their support, the ABC network went ‘Mental As’ last week, providing comedy, documentaries, entertainment and debate to...

The beginners’ guide to improving self-esteem

Oct 20, 2014 National College Life
Self-esteem is a mixture of how we value ourselves and what we believe about how much others value us. Some...

Lest we forget: the lessons of World War I

Aug 5, 2014 National College Life
By Debbie Cosier On August 4, exactly 100 years ago on the other side of the world, King George V...

Anna Meares shows how to triumph in defeat

Jul 30, 2014 National College Life
By Debbie Cosier Morton pulls her idol and rival Meares up onto the stage to share her celebration in winning...

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