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Student Support to Help You Reach Your Potential

We genuinely care about our students and pride ourselves on maintaining a positive and supportive learning environment. Our student support team will help you in any way we can during your time at National College Australia, whether you have a quick question or a serious problem.

Student Support and Guidance

If you haven’t studied since leaving school or it’s been a long time since you did any formal training,  going back to study can be daunting. We get it, which is why it’s so important that we keep it simple and  ‘do-able’ so you get to the finishing line.

Our support process starts at the beginning when we interview you after your enrolment application to make sure we’ve got you in the right course to start with.  You’ll be assigned  one dedicated assessor and your very own client services coordinator  whose job is to provide academic and non-academic support and guidance from start to finish. We know that the closer we work with you, the better your chances of walking away with a qualification.

Performance Tracking

We know that life sometimes gets in the way of your studies. That’s why we track your performance to make sure you don’t fall behind. If we notice that you haven’t logged on in a while, we’ll get in touch to see if everything is ok and help you resolve any issues that are making it difficult to complete your course.

Qualified Educators

Unlike many other Registered Training Organisations, we don’t have different educators marking different subjects. You’ll have one educator from start to finish. They’ll be in regular contact with you via phone and email throughout your course, to monitor your progress and give you the support you need.

Work Placements

Work placement is a crucial part of your education. We know that finding placement can be daunting which is why at NCA we go a little further than others and we work with you in helping you secure a placement. If you're not in the industry at the start, we give you the opporutnity to find a placement but if you get stuck, we'll step in and work with you to find a suitable host.

Flexible Training

Our goal is for you to walk away with a nationally recognised qualification, no matter what stands in your way. So if you have a disability, your circumstances have changed or you need some extra support, we can adjust your study plan to suit your needs and abilities.

Prior Learning

We believe you should get credit for the skills and knowledge you’ve gained from previous qualifications, work and life experience. Applying for Recognition of Prior Learning is easy and we’ll guide you through the process, so you don’t spend time and money learning something you already know.

Career Advice

Our student support team will give you the best possible chance of finding a job you love, by sharing career advice, job search skills, interview techniques and more. We’ll also help you understand all the career pathways available, so you can choose one that’s right for you.

Student Counselling

We’re always here to talk about any personal issues that may be affecting your studies. Our student support team will discuss your options, such as flexible payment plans or extensions on assessment tasks, to help you get through tough times. We can also recommend counselling services where you can get professional support.

Employer Support

We create learning programs that reflect the individual needs of you and your employer. If your employer has asked you to get a qualification, we’ll arrange a chat with them to make sure the course you choose will give you all the skills, knowledge and experience they require.

Student Stories

Marisol's journey: one woman's commitment to change the future for herself and her family.

Marisola’s story is an inspirational tale of how training can turn your life around. Marisola came to Australia with her young family from the Philippines in 2012. As a newly arrived immigrant, she had very little English and had never worked in her home country because she was busy raising her children and caring for the family. When she arrived in Sydney though, she realised pretty quickly that life in Australia wasn’t going to be easy on a single salary so she set up to find some work.

Learner Handbook

Our Learner Handbook helps you understand what it’s like to study at National College Australia. It includes information on our policies, fees, assessment tasks, course delivery, work placements and more.



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Our team are here to help you choose the right course, offer career advice, help you enrol and answer any other questions you may have.

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