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Top 10 Reasons to Study with NCA

Top 10 Reasons to Study with National College Australia (NCA)
Top 10 Reasons to Study with National College Australia (NCA)

What are the Top 10 Reasons to Study with National College Australia (NCA)?

Do you want to obtain nationally recognised qualifications in the Disability, Aged Care and Community Service sectors?

Whether you want to update your skills or learn new skills, at NCA our focus is on empowering you to achieve your goals. We offer a range of flexible learning Certificate and Diploma courses to suit different stages of your career goals, from brand new students to current workers who want to up-skill and embark on further studies and higher level qualifications.

If you are considering studying online this year, here are the Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Enrol with NCA.


Flexible Learning Certificate and Diploma Courses Online Learning with Work Placement
NSW Smart and Skilled Government Funded Certificate and Diploma Courses at National College Australia NCA
Nationally Recognised Training Certificate and Diploma Courses in Aged Care National College Australia

1. Leverage our expertise

Unlike many other education facilities in Australia, at NCA, we focus entirely on Aged Care and the Community Sector across Mental Health, Disability Care, Allied Health and Leisure and Health. Our expertise in these niches means that we can offer highly focused and specialised subjects, which are of great value to our students as they gain the skills and the qualifications. View Nationally Recognised Training Courses

NCA focus on Disability, Aged Care and Community Service sector Certificate and Diploma Courses #agedcarecourses #communityservicescourses #mentalhealthcourses #disabilitycourses #alliedhealthcourses #leisurehealthcourses @NatCollegeAus1

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2. Individualised Support

At NCA, you will be allocated a dedicated assessor for your entire course, so you're able to build a relationship with your key contact. Unlike other training providers, we don't pass on your work to a host of assessors who don't really know or understand you. Where the assigned assessor becomes unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances, another assessor will be assigned to you. Learn More: NCA Trainers and Assessors

At NCA, students are assigned a dedicated assessor to support their learning journey #dedicatedassessor #trainer #assessor #studentlearning @NatCollegeAus1

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3. We have your back!

One reason why our students are so successful is because we keep a watchful eye on their performance, helping to keep them on track and not get distracted. Keeping to your study plan is the key to your success, so our Student Engagement Coordinators monitor your progress and offer help or guidance as needed. Learn More: NCA Student Support

NCA Student Engagement Coordinators love to guide our students to progress successfully through their learning journey #ncastudentsupport #studentsupportnca #gainqualification #studentengagement #studentprogression @NatCollegeAus1

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4. Pathway to University

As a Registered Training Organisation some of our Diploma Courses offer a pathway to completing a bachelor’s degree with Charles Sturt University*. *Pathway to CSUs (Charles Sturt University) Bachelor of Social Work and Bachelor of Social Science

NCA Diploma Courses can lead to pathways with Charles Sturt University, Bachelor of Social Work, Bachelor of Social Science #pathwaytouniversity #charlesturtuniversity #bachelorsocialwork #bachelorsocialscience #highered @NatCollegeAus1

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5. Flexible learning

Do you worry how you will fit your studies around your work and family commitments? At NCA, we understand that not everyone can study from 9 to 5, which is why all our Certificate and Diploma Courses are flexible and self-paced online learning combined with practical work placement experience giving you the convenience and the flexibility to arrange your study time around your lifestyle and other commitments. No need to rush, to attend face-to-face classes and more time to balance study and family, work and lifestyle. Read More: 6 Killer Reasons Why Online Learning Rocks!

Flexible self-paced online learning allows you to pace your learning, it's empowering #onlinelearning #empowerment #elearning #flexiblelearning #self-pacedlearning @NatCollegeAus1

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6. Save money with discounts

We know that times are tough, and paying course fees can be overwhelming. That’s why we offer a big 50% discount. This discount can save you a significant amount of money, particularly if you need to stretch your money further while studying. Don't forget, our returning students who want to gain another qualification with us are eligible to receive a 5% Loyalty Discount. Learn More: Download Course Guides

NCA offers discounts on course fees 50% Discount and a further 5% Loyalty Discounts. #coursefeediscounts #loyaltydiscount #savemoneycoursefees @NatCollegeAus1

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7. Flexible payment options

If you don't have the capacity to pay your fees upfront, we offer you a flexible weekly or fortnightly payment plan, whichever suits your needs better. This is a great option if your financial commitments have previously prevented you from upskilling and advancing your career. Learn More: T&Cs

NCA offers flexible weekly or fortnightly payment plans to suit your financial needs. #flexiblepaymentplan #weeklypaymentplan #fortnightlypaymentplan @NatCollegeAus1

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8. Self-directed Learning

At NCA, we recognise the need to balance education, work, and personal life. This is why our self-directed online learning programs are designed for flexibility and convenience. With our courses, you can learn at your own pace, progressing quickly when you have the time or slowing down during life's challenges. This adaptability ensures you can manage your work/life balance without stress. As long as you complete your Certificate III or IV within 12 months or your Diploma within 2 years, the rest is up to you.

Our self-directed learning approach offers flexibility and fosters essential skills like self-discipline and time management. You'll have access to all course materials online, anytime, and our supportive trainers are available to assist you. This personalised and flexible learning model allows you to focus on areas of interest or improvement, making your educational experience effective and rewarding. At NCA, we're committed to helping you achieve your educational goals on your terms. Explore our courses and start your journey today!

All NCA flexible Certificate and Diploma courses are approved NSW Smart and Skilled funded. The training is subsidised by the NSW Government. #funding #smartandskilled #governmentfunding #nswgovernmenttraining @NatCollegeAus1

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9. Cooling-Off Period

When you enrol in one of our courses, we give you a 7-day Cooling Off Period to change your mind. Within these 7 days, if you decide that you want to cancel your enrolment, we will refund your money (if you paid upfront) or cancel your payment plan. Learn More: T&Cs

NCA offers a 7-day cooling-off period to change your study commitments. #coolingoffperiod @NatCollegeAus1

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10. Qualifications Recognised

NCA is a respected provider of Nationally Recognised Training in Australia, which means that your qualifications will be accepted anywhere across the country. You will also receive a Unique Student Identifier (USI) that allows you to access your study records online using a secure password. This is ideal if you ever lose your hard copy Certificates or Diplomas and makes it easy to present your qualifications to your employer or potential employer. Learn More: About Us

NCA is a respected Nationally Recognised Training provider in Australian #nationallyrecognisedtrainingprovider @NatCollegeAus1

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There you have it!

We look forward to helping you gain more skills and advance your career in Aged Care, Community Services, Mental Health, Disability, Allied Health and Leisure & Health sectors.



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