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6 Killer Reasons Why Online Learning Rocks!

6 Killer Reasons Why Online Learning Rocks

Ever wondered by online learning rocks?

Also known as e-learning or distance study, online learning have taken the world by storm, growing to a $5bn industry in Australia over the past five years. So, why are so many students enrolling into online courses?

Just imagine.

If you could study on your own terms, when and where you want. Wouldn't that be awesome? 

Think we're exaggerating?

No, we're not.

Flexibility is only one of the Six Killer Reasons Why Online Learning Rocks, so let's learn all the other benefits attached to online courses and online education.


Benefits of online courses
Advantages of online education
Why online learning is better than traditional classroom learning

1. Flexibility & Convenience

Let’s face it, whether you are single or have a family, working part-time or full-time - fitting a traditional education into your life can be extremely difficult. If you need to add commuting into the equation, life can suddenly become overwhelming, causing you to disengage from your studies and even postpone them entirely.

Online learning however, fits into your lifestyle and family commitments very easily, leaving you free to get on with your life and enjoy your studies.

Online learning leaves you free to get on with your life and enjoy your studies #onlinelearning #onlineeducation #elearning @NatCollegeAus

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2. You Learn More

Online learning focuses heavily on high quality multimedia content that students find much easier to understand and learn.

IBM Research has shown that students actually learn five times more material with this type of content compared to a more traditional classroom situation. 

Working at their own speed (zipping through topics they find easy and spending more time on harder subjects) and basically feeling in control of their own education are other reasons why students learn more from online courses.

Students learn 5 times more with online learning compared to traditional classroom #onlinelearningbenefits #onlinecourses @NatCollegeAus

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3. Higher Retention Rates

There are many reasons why students cancel a course of study, but for whatever reason, attrition has always been a huge problem for traditional education facilities. On the other hand, online learning has a much lower attrition rate, mainly because it offers greater flexibility and a sense of control, as well as multimedia content that makes learning easy.

Online learning offers flexibility & sense of control over learning #onlinelearning #flexibility #elearning @NatCollegeAus

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4. More Free Time

We get it! – We all need more free time in our lives!

Traditional classroom based students will undoubtedly agree that attending classes involves a lot of wasted time. From travelling back and forth to hanging around waiting for tutors or lecturers to arrive at lecture halls and even searching for relevant materials in the library. The day simply disappears!

Online learning eliminates all of this wasted time and instead, gives you your life back!

Online learning eliminates wasted time. #onlinelearning #timeefficiency #elearning @NatCollegeAus

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5. Empowerment & Control

Even though online students still have deadlines, the ability to pace your learning so that it fits into your life can be very empowering. Learning on your own terms and in your own time gives you a sense of control and autonomy that is highly lacking in more traditional education facilities. There’s no need to put your life on hold when you enrol in an online course! 

Online learning allows you to pace your learning, it's empowering #onlinelearning #empowerment #elearning @NatCollegeAus

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6. Recognition of Prior Learning

There is an amazing array of online courses available including certificate and diploma courses and even degrees. No matter what topic you want to study, you will find a course online that suits your needs.

Many of the certificate and diploma courses can be accredited towards further studies, and even prior experience and knowledge in the area can be recognised, shortening the time you need to spend studying.

Recognition of prior learning is of even greater importance in the health industry where you might have completed a course elsewhere and can apply for a credit or you have worked in the area for years and want to formalise your skills with a qualification.

Online learning recognises prior learning which can lead to further qualifications. #onlinelearning #priorlearning #qualification @NatCollegeAus

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There you have it!

Online learning makes your life so much easier, empowers you to balance your family, work, life and study commitments to suit you, and it helps you to achieve your goals much faster than traditional learning can.



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