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Certificate IV in Leisure and Health (CHC43415) – Course Guide 2019

Why study Certificate 4 Leisure and Health CHC43415 course
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Certificate IV Leisure and Health (CHC43415) - Course Guide 2019

Let's set the record straight about the Certificate IV Leisure and Health (CHC43415) Course. It's a course designed for employment opportunities in LEISURE and HEALTH programming. It's not to become a Personal Trainer as many people think. It is an entry level qualification and ideal for those interested in a formal qualification to GET STARTED in a career as a Leisure and Health professional. 

To LEARN MORE about the Certificate IV Leisure and Health (CHC43415) Course, please read below our explanation or DOWNLOAD a 2019 COURSE GUIDE.


  • Study Mode - Online + Work Placement
  • Recognition - Nationally Recognised Training
  • Start Date - Enrol anytime
  • Entry Requirements - No formal entry requirement 
  • Course Duration - Maximum of 12 months
  • Work Placement - Minimum of 120 hours

What is Leisure and Health?

Leisure and health professionals work with older people and people with a disability, delivering recreational activities that enhance their quality of life. These include art, crafts, music, dance, games, sensory activities and other hobbies. People who work in leisure and health play an important role in empowering people to manage their health, enhance their well being and lead a meaningful and fulfilling life.

Certificate IV Leisure and Health CHC43415
Certificate IV Leisure and Health CHC43415 National College Australia
Certificate IV Leisure and Health CHC43415 National College Australia

People who work in leisure and health empower people to manage their health! #leisureandhealth #studycertIVleisurehealth #flexibleonlinecourse @NatCollegeAus

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Why Study Leisure and Health?

Studying the Certificate IV Leisure and Health (CHC43415) course gives you the skills and knowledge to design, develop and implement health and leisure activities for individuals and groups. New research on the health benefits of DIVERSIONAL THERAPIES means there is now a greater range of job roles available in this sector, from aged care to disability services.

As defined by, this qualification reflects the role of workers involved in the design, implementation and evaluation of leisure, health activities and programs for clients and work can take place in residential facilities and or in community agencies and day centres.

64.8% of graduates of this course say their work status have improved either by starting or expanding a business, gaining a new job, performing more highly skilled work, receiving a promotion and or a pay increase according to a survey taken by the Australian Government Department of Education and Training.

What is Diversional Therapy?

Diversional therapy is a client centred practice. Diversional therapy practitioners work with people of all ages and abilities to design and facilitate leisure and recreation programmes. Activities are designed to support, challenge and enhance the psychological, spiritual, social, emotional and physical wellbeing of individuals.

Learn More: Why work as a Diversional Therapy Assistant?

Empowering older people rocks! #leisurehealthprofessional #diversionaltherapist #studycertIVleisureandhealthcourse @NatCollegeAus

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What does a Leisure and Health professional do?

Residential Facilities

You'll support older people living in residential aged care facilities (also known as nursing homes).

Home Care

Aged Care also includes work that involves supporting older people who still live in their own home.

Program Development

You'll work with other professionals to develop and review recreational and lifestyle programs that enhance quality of life for older people.

Social Support

You'll spend time with clients and provide them with company and support, or take them to social activities in the community.

What will you learn?

The Certificate IV in Leisure and Health (CHC43415) is made up of 17 unites: 10 core units and 7 elective units. It is delivered in 5 Skills Groups.

Outlined below is a summary of what you will learn.

  • Introduction to Leisure and Health
  • Working with Leisure and Health Programs
  • Facilitating empowerment
  • Supporting people with dementia
  • Ensuring professional practice

Empowering older people rocks! #leisurehealthprofessional #diversionaltherapist #studycertIVleisureandhealthcourse @NatCollegeAus

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