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Our Mission:

Our mission is to be the right STEPPING STONE in people's lives towards a more SECURE future - a HAPPIER future. 

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Aged Care | Community Services | Mental Health

Disability | Leisure & Health | Allied Health

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Our Vision:

We aim to be the preferred education provider of high-quality, relevant, value-driven training services, upskilling, and career planning to connect the community. It's what we know and what we do best.

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Aged Care | Community Services | Mental Health

Disability | Leisure & Health | Allied Health

Aged Care | Community Services | Mental Health | Disability | Leisure & Health | Allied Health

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NCA Management Team

Sharon Carrasco

Chief Executive Officer

Hi, I’m Sharon. I am an experienced educator and executive officer with a passion for educating people and executing a sustainable, scalable and efficient service delivery. I live life with passion and govern my life with trust and respect wherever I go. My mantra is simple" "Work Hard, Play Hard!" When you love what you do, life becomes your playground, and it's never a dull moment.

I have excelled in organisational planning and project management, with documented success overcoming challenges of limited resources and financial constraints to carry out strategic direction and performance of teams. I am skilled in building industry relationships, networks, key coalitions and strategic inter-agency partnerships to secure successful training and service delivery.

Cert IV Leadership and Management Course Online

Alison Lucas

Product Development Manager

A diligent and visionary Learning and Organisation Development Manager with extensive experience in LMS and DMS development and deployment, eLearning, and training and assessment.

I am responsible for the customisation, build and maintenance of all NCA courses across various learning and assessment platforms and delivery models. The role is a strategic position to ensure NCA’s product offering is current, innovative, and compliant (with the requirements of the relevant Training Packages) and supports the College’s overall strategic objectives.

NCA Student Acquisition Team

Lachlan Wambeek

Course Advisor & Digital Marketing

Hi, I'm Lachlan and I'm a Course Advisor at National College Australia. My role is to deliver course consultancy to potential students who are looking for employment, or wish to up-skill in the aged care, community services, allied health, and mental health industries. In doing so, I ensure that we deliver the best possible prospective career advice and online experience for students, to catalyse change and empower them to begin their learning journey!

                      NCA Student Services Team

Shahrukh Nazneen (NAZ)

Student ServicesCoordinator

Hi, I'm Nazand I am the Student Enrolment Coordinator. I am responsible for finalising the pre-enrolment process by following up and processing new student information/documentation within a set timeframe and enrolling them into the systemThe purpose of the role is to ensure a smooth and seamless handover of information so new students are ready to commence their course as soon as possible and ensure all compliance requirements have been processed.

Lincoln Poole

Academic Manager

Learning Literacy & Numeracy


Hi, I'm Lincoln and I am the Learning Literacy & numeracy (LLN) Specialist at NCA. I am responsible for supporting our NCA Learners through the challenges of studying. This role was created to ensure NCA students are provided with sufficient support in relation to Language Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) requirements of their course as aligned to the relevant AQF level. 

NCA has a strong focus on learner progression and completion and the LLN specialist will play a key role to help achieve the objectives.

NCA Trainer Assessors

Multiple Specialisations

NCA have dedicated Trainer Assessors who are qualified to deliver the following specialisations:

Aged Care | Community Services | Mental Health |
Disability | Leisure & Health | Allied Health | Leader & Management

They are industry experts and currently work in the industry in order to provide learners with current, upto date training on whats going on in the their sector.