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By 2050 Aged Care workforce needs to grow to 980,000 workers

Aged Care Royal Commission – ‘By 2050, the Aged Care workforce needs to grow to around 980,000 workers.’

The Royal Commission into the Aged Care Quality and Safety has revealed some startling facts in it’s first background report, Navigating the maze: An overview of Australia’s current aged care system.

Summarising an article released by the Aged Care Guide, it’s interesting to note the statistics estimated for carers of the elderly.

Aged Care Royal Commission 2019

Aged Care Workforce

A research report prepared by Deloitte Access Economics estimates that in the next ten years, the demand for informal care will significantly outstrip its supply.

The 2016 Census and Survey projects over 366,000 workers in aged care with more than 240,300 in direct care roles with personal care attendants attributing 70 percent of direct residential workers. Registered nurses made up 15 percent followed by 10 percent of enrolled nurses.

It estimates the residential aged care workforce is estimated to have grown by about 50 percent since 2003 with the Productivity Commission estimating that by 2050 the aged care workforce will need to have grown to around 980,000 workers.

The need to increase demand across the aged care sector was also supported by Aged and Community Services Australia chief executive Patricia Sparrow who stated the following:

It is true that we have to triple the workforce in aged care by 2050, based on the current anticipated growth in the number of people who are going to require services.’ and ‘focus on increasing the number of people who do want to work in aged care’. – SBS Article

Sources: Aged Care Guide and SBS Article

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