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Flexible Certificate & Diploma Courses to help you gain a qualification!

Becoming a student

Let's start at the beginning.

Before we can set you up, we need to make sure we've got you in the right course first. You'll need to put some time aside for a one-on-one interview with a Course Advisor so we can get to know you and make sure you've chosen the right course.

Like to start a LiveChat with a Course Advisor? CLICK HERE or Take a Course Quiz to see which one suits YOU?


Assuming you have, we'll get you into our system within a few days at the most and contact you for an Induction Session. We want to make sure you understand how to use the online portal, the assessment requirements and your rights and responsibilities as a National College Australia student. 

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A thorough induction is crucial to your success so please make the time for us. After induction, you'll be ready to fire away!

Student Support

During your learning journey, it's important that you feel 'engaged' because this will make all the difference to your success (and ours too). You'll be given one dedicated trainer and assessor who will work with you from start to finish but you'll also have access to a dedicated Student Support Team and a Work Placement Coordinator at different stages of your learning experience.

Learn More: Trainer & Assessor | Student Support | Work Placement


The Problem:

We know that starting a course is a big commitment, and you may be thinking online learning is too hard, that you won't have any support or that you may lack motivation?

The Solution:

We're here to put your mind at ease, and show you that we support your learning journey every step of the way, and surround you with support when you need us.

Student Learning Journey

Flexible Certificate & Diploma Courses to help you gain a qualification!

Enrolling into a course National College Australia NCA

Student Learning Experience



Start by enrolling in a course or get in touch with our Course Advisors if you need help choosing a course that is right for you.



We'll send you a confirmation of your enrolment, with login details to student-friendly online learning portal.


Trainer and Assessor

You'll be allocated a qualified Assessor who will monitor your progress and provide ongoing support throughout your course.


Course Materials

We'll provide you with all the things you need to study online, from course materials to eBooks.


Self-Paced Learning

Start your course, and work your way through the course units.



If you need help with your learning you can ask your Trainer and Assessor. If you're lacking motivation, our Student Engagement Coordinator can give you a boost. If you feel a bit lonely, chat and connect with other students via our Student Support Facebook Group.


Work Placement

If you need a hand in securing work placement, our Work Placement Coordinator is ready to help.



Once you have successfully completed your Knowledge and Performance Assessments, and gained 'Competent' in all course units, you have finished. Congratulations!

Flexible Online Certificate & Diploma Courses

Courses that will help you gain a qualification!

Aged Care Online Courses

Certificate III, IV

Aged care services provide care and support to older people in care facilities or at their homes.

Community Services Online Courses

Cert IV, Diploma

Help people in need including aged care, disability, youth work, drug and alcohol services. Make a difference!

Mental Health Online Courses

Cert IV, Diploma

Provide care and support to people with mental health problems and their families. 

Disability Care Online Courses

Cert III, IV

Help improve the health, wellbeing and independence of people with disabilities, and aid in social activities.

Cert IV

Support doctors and nurses by delivering programs to improve the health and wellbeing of patients.

Leisure and Health Online Courses

Cert IV

Deliver recreational activities that enhance the quality of lives of the elderly and people with disabilities.

National College Australia Community Services Flexible Online Certificate and Diploma Courses

About National College Australia

Empowering YOU to Gain a Qualification!

National College Australia is one of Australia's most respected Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), with a range of online education courses that will secure your job and your future in community services.

We offer Certificate and Diploma level courses for every stage in your career, whether you're new to the industry or looking to move into a leadership or management role. Courses are delivered online via a student-friendly learning platform, so you can fit study in around your work and lifestyle.

“If you're ready to Make a Change and Create a New Future, ENROL with National College Australia (NCA) today.”

When you enrol with NCA, You Get:

Flexible Online Certificate and Diploma Courses National College Australia

Self-paced FLEXIBLE LEARNING. Enrol anytime and learn with ease and confidence!


Flexible Online Certificate and Diploma Courses National College Australia

Online learning doesn't mean you're on your own! You'll be surrounded by SUPPORT everywhere!


Flexible Online Certificate and Diploma Courses National College Australia

Become part of our STUDENT ONLINE COMMUNITY. Ask questions and study together with your fellow students.



Happy Student Stories


Top marks to you and your organisation.

This whole process has been enjoyable, challenging and educational.

I have particularly relished telephone conversations wherein I was sharing experiences with someone who had a credible knowledge base.

Completed Diploma of Community Services (CHC52015)

Paul Hogan

Hi Lisa (Academic Assessor - NCA), you are amazing.

I am submitting a module and receiving results the same day.

Again, I want to say THANK YOU for your feedback and support. I do so appreciate your help.

Sybil B

I've been so happy and thankful for National College Australia in helping me reach my dreams.

Two months after receiving my certificate I got a job!

My journey in studying the Certificate III Allied Health has taught me a lot. At first, I thought I couldn't make it but because I had a goal and a dream to land a job I really wanted, I just trusted National College Australia and most importantly I motivated myself to finish the course to start a new career, and to get a job, which I did!

Hazel Ranile

Completed my Cert IV in Allied Health Assistant (Physiotherapy) today!

THANK YOU to Lisa (Academic Assessor - NCA). You were amazing. Your kind and encouraging emails early mornings will be missed!

Ida O

I would recommend to anyone who wants to study to do so with NCA (National College Australia). Very helpful all the way.

Great online course - Certificate IV in Disability, and Jeremy is a great assessor.

Easy enrolment and great service all around.

5 Stars for me.

Jimmy M

I have really enjoyed and been challenged by this course taken in my mature age.

Sam was a wonderful trainer and gave great encouragement and feedback on my assessments.

Rachel G

I wanted to give some feedback regarding Lisa Porto (Academic Assessor - NCA) my assessor. She was just fabulous. She always replied to any questions I had very promptly and always marked my work in such a quick turnaround. She gave me great feedback during the course and I think she deserves this recognition. She was even kind enough yesterday to give me a call to congratulate me on completing the course.

I had set myself the goal of finishing the certificate before Christmas and she helped me achieve this.

Also a big THANK YOU to you Cate (Student Services - NCA) as you also responded to any issues I had during the course quickly and resolved the problems promptly.

Kym C

Without his (Sam - Assessor) ongoing support I don't think I would've completed my course. I can't thank him enough for his patience and understanding.

Initially when I enrolled to complete a certificate online through National College Australia I was overwhelmed at the idea of being a single mother, working full time and online study.

Sam guided me through each unit and was always encouraging and happy to answer all my questions.

Danica Clark

Hi everyone, and especially those doing Cert IV in Community Services.
I've seen a few people asking about job opportunities and thought I'd share my success.
I have successfully gotten a job as a residential youth worker and will be starting in a couple of weeks., it is casual for 6 months and then the option to go full time after that if they're happy with my work.
I have applied for a few different jobs in that field and in disability support . Been offered an interview for each job I applied for and ended up having a choice between 2 jobs .
These types of jobs are 24/7 rosters and you do have to be flexible and available, which I am. The money isn't too bad either, the award rate is $37.21 basic casual rate before penalties (which you will get for certain shifts).
The knowledge I've gained from doing the course has given me enough to be able to answer interview questions confidently.
I will also be able to get my 120 hours signed off by a supervisor instead of having to do a work placement.

Andrew D

WOW, Yahoo and Yay! I'm feeling great.

A great big huge thank you to you for your time and support throughout the duration of this course.

I believe a credit should go out to you for your amazing response and turn around time with assessing my units. This quick response time really reduced my nerves and would help any anxiety that people may have developed.

Getting good feedback was both refreshing and reassuring and getting the right answer of 'competent' from you was always welcoming.

Thank You again!

James H
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Flexible Online Certificate and Diploma Courses National College Australia

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Flexible Online Certificate and Diploma Courses National College Australia

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Flexible Online Certificate and Diploma Courses National College Australia

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