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National College Australia - RTO 91000 has partnered with ZeeFi Finance to offer our students the opportunity to study now and pay as they go!


Proceeds used to pay for tuition fees for a course at an approved

Education Provider


The loan will be progressively drawn to pay tuition fees and paid directly to the Education Provider on behalf of the student. This means your payments start low and increase as you progress through

Loan Term

6 - 24 Months

Loan Amount

$2,001 To $7,225

Interest Rates

Interest rates are from 10.5% p.a. Interest rates will be variable in nature with the rate calculated daily and charged monthly on outstanding balance of the loan


1) Establishment fee: $200
(one-off payment built into the loan)
2) unit drawdown fee: $25
(per drawdown – built into the loan);
3) monthly management fee $2.50
(Per month – not built into the loans)

Study Loans is a bespoke kind of finance for students seeking assistance in paying for their education. We are all about helping people to advance in their careers to reach their full potential by providing the necessary funds to pay for tuition fees during those critical periods of education. We are Australia’s first dedicated private student loan company in the vocational and tertiary sectors.

Study Loans works to help their students reach their potential.

We believe education is critically important to society, but also the future prosperity of individuals, however education can be expensive. Study Loans was purposely created to provide a new way of paying for education with a transparent fee structure under a pay-as-you-go type model.

Loan Features



Should the student’s personal circumstances change during the course, the remaining loan drawdowns may be deferred until such time as the student wishes to recommence the course.

Payment method


Students must set up a weekly / fortnightly / monthly direct debit. The approved student will provide authority to Study Loans to pay the tuition fees to the Education Provider.

Repayment holiday


A holiday can be placed on the repayments of the loan if the student is in advance of their payment schedule more than the minimum amount.

Arrears penalty


A monthly flat arrears fee of $25 will be charged to the account. No penalty interest rate applies.

Type Of borrowers


A student over the age of 18 OR A parent on behalf of the student (terms and conditions apply).



Students can elect to pay more than the minimum direct debit amount. This is organised directly with Study Loans.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Be an Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • Be 18 years or older OR 16 years old where the parent applies for the loan
  • Be employed: full time, part-time or casually for a minimum of 6 months
  • Fund an eligible course through an approved Education Provider by Study Loans
  • Fund an eligible course through an approved Education Provider by Study Loans
  • Be able to demonstrate a capability to service the loan if fully drawn
  • Single borrower only – no joint applications

Document Checklist 

  • Driver’s Licence OR Passport
  • Medicare Card
  • Employment Details
  • Income & Expenses Details
  • Bank Details

What it looks like?

Remember a drawdown is defined by a either a single unit or a cluster of units. As the student progresses through the course and moves onto the next unit or cluster of units, Study Loans will release their funds for that drawdown. Think of drawdowns as both course milestones and payment milestones.

The information set out in the above loan calculator is not intended to provide a quote or cost by Study Loans. The calculations that result from your selection of different inputs are provided solely to allow you to understand the potential effect of different inputs in a theoretical situation. Individual interest rates and repayment amounts that are displayed are an estimate based on your inputs, and you may not be eligible for certain rates or loan amounts. The number of drawdowns provided are indicative only. Drawdowns are variable and subject to change according to your chosen course, provider and other factors.

Example of how the loan works.

Loan Amount $5,000
Course Length 12 months
Loan Term 48 months
Example Interest Rate 12.7%
Payment Frequency Monthly

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